Denied the health benefits of this antioxidant, also content in chocolate. Not yet clarified the role of other substances in red wine in the prevention of certain diseases Bad news for lovers of wine: taste it does well on the palate but not to the coronary artery, contrary to popular thought so far. The denial comes from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where the researchers looked for evidence of the beneficial properties of ..
Whether it's water or a soft drink, when is cold it seems more eagerly. It's very hot these days ... and then let's drink something cool! The impression is that a cold drink, calm our thirst more than a drink at room temperature. But it is not only an impression: the refreshing effect also depends on the pleasure that stirs the drink fresh contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, as explained in this interview Franca Marangoni, head of ..
Alena Seredova does not move without his favorite cd, Michele Cucuzza has the bullet of eyedrops, Maddalena Corvaglia always gives three kisses to ... The rituals of actors, DJs, entertainers and sportspeople from Alena Seredova (photo EmmeVi/Milestone). The showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia has the bullet of odd numbers. The actress Alena Seredova not starts the car if you don't have the cd with Lucio Battisti and Ligabue. Michele Cucuzza feels ..
The AC Milan striker tells the brain ischemia that put him ko in October 2011, healing and desire to return to Antonio Cassano field (photo Milestone). "I was afraid of dying. For my loved ones, especially. And past that, I thought I should stop playing. " Antonio Cassano gives voice to its ghosts, 159 days after illness (laws) which brought it under the knife. A brain-based ischemia suffering, explained doctors, caused by a cardiac atrial ..
Presented the results of a Danish study on six patients: a drug out the virus out and makes him attacked by the immune system or targeted therapies. But no mention of care. The scientists gathered in Melbourne to 20ma International Aids Conference currently underway, is a discovery ' exciting ', to approach (maybe one day) to a cure able to eliminate HIV from the body, once the infection. At the time, the promising results of the Aarhaus ..
A workout that is easy to make at home for those with venous insufficiency problems a woman on two, after 40 years, has problems of venous insufficiency and varicose veins: here are five easy exercises to do at home to combat the heavy legs. EXERCISE 1 In a sitting position, rotate the pivoting foot ankle. Repeat with the other foot. READ ALSO: HEAVY LEGS? TRY THE PILLS OF HORSE CHESTNUT VASCULAR DISEASE: HOW to CURE THEM 2 EXERCISE ..
The steps to take to do physical activity after childbirth a few days after giving birth, the mother can resume doing Hicking (photo Photoxpress). After pregnancy, to get back in shape after childbirth, you can resume to do physical activity. But gradually and without excesses. Here are the main stages, explained by Gianfranco Zandonini (you can ask a consultation), lecturer in seminars of the Graduate School of obstetrics and Gynecology at ..
The dermatologist explains why the recommended 8 hours of sleep also help your skin Busy life: home, work, children, effects. Not to mention stress and of the thousand thoughts that we have in mind. 24 hours do not seem to be enough, and never lose out is our body often deprived of sleep needed. But in addition to dark circles, bags under his eyes swollen and face and yawning continues, little sleep might contribute to aging skin, including ..
Appliances for a healthy kitchen accessories to accompany fitness, from creams for him and intelligent games for smaller illustration by David Forleo Christmas is not Christmas without gifts. How wrong to Jo in Louisa May Alcott's little women? The most joyous day of the year, as well as ad hoc lunch, is celebrated with the packages under the tree. This year are running out of ideas? Comes to rescue OK, suggesting 50 useful gifts for your ..
On the occasion of world no tobacco day, the Cancer Institute of Milan presents the results of two studies on the pollutant capacity of smoking. Have you ever wondered how much it pollutes a cigarette? Soon, one might say, given the small size. Wrong answer: go on a ' blonde ' four times more polluting than start a diesel truck. It showed the Tobacco Control Unit of the National Institute of tumours of Milan (Int), a sort of ' special ' ..