Denied the health benefits of this antioxidant, also content in chocolate. Not yet clarified the role of other substances in red wine in the prevention of certain diseases Bad news for lovers of wine: taste it does well on the palate but not to the coronary artery, contrary to popular thought so far. The denial comes from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where the researchers looked for evidence of the beneficial properties of ..
Whether it's water or a soft drink, when is cold it seems more eagerly. It's very hot these days ... and then let's drink something cool! The impression is that a cold drink, calm our thirst more than a drink at room temperature. But it is not only an impression: the refreshing effect also depends on the pleasure that stirs the drink fresh contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, as explained in this interview Franca Marangoni, head of ..
The dermatologist explains why the recommended 8 hours of sleep also help your skin Busy life: home, work, children, effects. Not to mention stress and of the thousand thoughts that we have in mind. 24 hours do not seem to be enough, and never lose out is our body often deprived of sleep needed. But in addition to dark circles, bags under his eyes swollen and face and yawning continues, little sleep might contribute to aging skin, including ..
To calm the turmoil, try an emergency exercise to regain composure through breathing Umberto Drawing Grateful. In times of stress and anxiety, often lose the brackets and yield to the tension. If you're nervous because you have angered, at work or with your family, or are you agitated for a scare, try to relax by American neuropsychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber. The principle of this emergency exercise against rabies, based on breath, is ..
It is right that a woman on horseback of menopause can become mother? The debate among psychologists and gynaecologists Grows the number of women who have a child after the age of 50 years (photo: Dreamstime). It is right that a woman on horseback of menopause can become mother? The question of late motherhood has become topical after some famous women announced their pregnancy to 50 years and over, by Carmen Russo to Gianna Nannini, by ..
Presented the results of a Danish study on six patients: a drug out the virus out and makes him attacked by the immune system or targeted therapies. But no mention of care. The scientists gathered in Melbourne to 20ma International Aids Conference currently underway, is a discovery ' exciting ', to approach (maybe one day) to a cure able to eliminate HIV from the body, once the infection. At the time, the promising results of the Aarhaus ..
Fixing wash your hands is one of obsessive compulsive disorders. As hatred for the disorder or the need for repeated controls The obsession of cleaning is one of the most popular doc. There are people who wash their hands dozens of times a day (even at the table, as in this photo is OK). They are the most common categories of doc, acronym which stands for obsessive compulsive disorder. Here They Are. Exasperated cleaning There is the ..
From obsessive attachment to morbid jealousy, six types of emotional disorders from which look Pazza per amore (photo Photoxpress). «Abandonment and separation, when the story was intense and long, equivalent to a bereavement, "says Donatella Marazziti (you can ask a consultation), Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pisa and author of the book The nature of love (Rizzoli). "When it happens, we think it's unbearable and seamlessly. ..
«Why the newspapers and television stations bombard me gruesome details? Evil narrated I sink it and I feel bad. It's just a paranoia, I tell myself. Meanwhile I suffer» Ambra Angiolini (photo EmmeVi) and, on the right, on the cover of OK (January n/a «Why newspapers and television are bombarding me gruesome details? ", asks Ambra Angiolini. "Every day the crime wave that engulfs me comes from media. And I'm hurt. ' Here is the confession ..
Discover what is equitable for lovemaking, eat sweets or going to the dentist do the right thing but, more importantly, at the right time. Find out what is the best time to ... ... make love The best time to make love (photo: Shutterstock) shell at eight o'clock in the morning, when testosterone levels are at best both for you and for him. To benefit are the physical, the mood, the relationship and also the likelihood of having a child: it ..