Denied the health benefits of this antioxidant, also content in chocolate. Not yet clarified the role of other substances in red wine in the prevention of certain diseases Bad news for lovers of wine: taste it does well on the palate but not to the coronary artery, contrary to popular thought so far. The denial comes from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where the researchers looked for evidence of the beneficial properties of ..
Whether it's water or a soft drink, when is cold it seems more eagerly. It's very hot these days ... and then let's drink something cool! The impression is that a cold drink, calm our thirst more than a drink at room temperature. But it is not only an impression: the refreshing effect also depends on the pleasure that stirs the drink fresh contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, as explained in this interview Franca Marangoni, head of ..
Alena Seredova does not move without his favorite cd, Michele Cucuzza has the bullet of eyedrops, Maddalena Corvaglia always gives three kisses to ... The rituals of actors, DJs, entertainers and sportspeople from Alena Seredova (photo EmmeVi/Milestone). The showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia has the bullet of odd numbers. The actress Alena Seredova not starts the car if you don't have the cd with Lucio Battisti and Ligabue. Michele Cucuzza feels ..
The AC Milan striker tells the brain ischemia that put him ko in October 2011, healing and desire to return to Antonio Cassano field (photo Milestone). "I was afraid of dying. For my loved ones, especially. And past that, I thought I should stop playing. " Antonio Cassano gives voice to its ghosts, 159 days after illness (laws) which brought it under the knife. A brain-based ischemia suffering, explained doctors, caused by a cardiac atrial ..
Presented the results of a Danish study on six patients: a drug out the virus out and makes him attacked by the immune system or targeted therapies. But no mention of care. The scientists gathered in Melbourne to 20ma International Aids Conference currently underway, is a discovery ' exciting ', to approach (maybe one day) to a cure able to eliminate HIV from the body, once the infection. At the time, the promising results of the Aarhaus ..
The singer and anchorwoman, among the "coach" The Voice of Italy ", tells OK that over the years of success was not ready to become a mother. Then the urge came, but by now it was late Raffaella Carrà (photo Milestone). The only regret of the Queen of the "Tuca tuca ' is not having a son. Too taken by successful girl, Raffaella Carrà (70 years until June n/a has been found to deal with the desire for motherhood too late (the advice for those ..
The scientific supervisor of OK to Sophia: you're right, love is the most effective therapy Umberto Veronesi (foto Paolo Liaci). Dear Sophia, When I read your beautiful confession to OK on love, I smiled thinking that many see me as a strict man of science and a few rather imagine that I am at the same time a person, just like you, "inundated from various types of love». Especially love women and first of all to my mother. I was fatherless ..
In women the regular workout keeps low cardiovascular risk, increasing with the collapse of estrogen. Best team sport to do twice a week. Should follow the example of fellow men, busy with the soccer weekly even after n/a years: not only to keep fit, but also to counteract the collapse of estrogen and an increased cardiovascular risk related to it. In women's team sports, in fact, would be a panacea for the heart. Explains research from the ..
More sensitive for detecting cervical cancer, to run every five years the gynecologist after 30 years. The FDA has established, assessing the results of recent international studies. Change the lapel on the examination timetable for the prevention of cervical cancer: no longer the traditional Pap smears every three years, today it is Hpv-Dna test every five. These new indications of the FDA in light of large international studies that ..
Prevention campaigns aim at a screening of women aged 25 to 65 years. An American study has calculated that the risk may be higher in the elderly. It is a cancer that primarily affects young women, with a peak incidence between 35 and 50 years of age. This, however, does not mean that the risk of cervical cancer is zero in the third age. Indeed, a study just published on Cancer suggests that the over-65 have high chances of getting sick, ..