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Denied the health benefits of this antioxidant, also content in chocolate. Not yet clarified the role of other substances in red wine in the prevention of certain diseases Bad news for lovers of wine: taste it does well on the palate but not to the coronary artery, contrary to popular thought so far. The denial comes from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, where the researchers looked for evidence of the beneficial properties of ..
Whether it's water or a soft drink, when is cold it seems more eagerly. It's very hot these days ... and then let's drink something cool! The impression is that a cold drink, calm our thirst more than a drink at room temperature. But it is not only an impression: the refreshing effect also depends on the pleasure that stirs the drink fresh contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth, as explained in this interview Franca Marangoni, head of ..
Combined with psychotherapy on the irrational fear related to negative experiences, levodopa may prolong the long-term benefits on the brain. The Keystone is the dopamine, the nerotrasmettitore involved in the circuit associated with pleasure and reward in the brain that regulates negative associations in memory, keeping alive or turning the bad memories and, as a result, the irrational fear that they employee. The administration of levodopa ( ..
The Welsh actor tells OK of his problems with the bottle and tells how art helped him Anthony Hopkins, 1937 class (photo by Justin Stephens) The actor Anthony Hopkins, Oscar Prize for The silence of the Lambs n/a , says to OK his problems with alcohol and how he managed to overcome the dependence from the bottle through the art. Serenity: this is what is good for the mind and health. I like to drive the car around America or sit at home in ..
Premiered in Italy, makes small incisions, 3D vision and facilitates the post-operative recovery of the patient Other than scalpels and tweezers: today in the operating room, we find less robotic tools and more. Not to replace the surgeon's hand, but rather to improve his performance by allowing more rapid and minimally invasive interventions. It was premiered in Italy the da Vinci System Xi, the new robot-surgeon who will be helping to ..
Size and morphology of the brain explain susceptibility to alcohol abuse among young people. The identified predictors were forty: among the most accurate family history, stress in adolescence impulsivity. Could be the answer to one of the questions arising from the apprehension of parents: my teenage son drink too much alcohol? No threats, stalking, cell control or prohibition to attend ' bad ' companies: to predict the binge drinking, the ..